Patient care is our priority with the overall objective of achieving the highest degree of patient satisfaction and comfort. The quality of patient care is essentially determined by the quality of infrastructure, quality of training, competence of personnel and efficiency of operational systems. The fundamental requirement is the adoption of a system that is at patient orientated At VANTAGE HEALTH CARE we have wholesomely incorporated our systems and departments to be patient oriented. We have also defined the Patients’ rights and responsibilities for patients awarenessness

Your Rights

  • Access- Right to access services that are appropriate to your needs
  • Communication and participation- right to get information about your health and services available to you. You also have right involved in decision about your care.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality-- You have a right for your personal health information to be kept confidential and be availed whenever required
  • Respect- you have a right to be treated with respect and dignity and as an individual, no matter what.
  • Safety-you have a right to the best quality healthcare offered by qualified personnel in a clean and safe environment
  • Feedback and complaints- you have a right to have a say about your healthcare and to have concerns or complaints dealt with in the most appropriate manner

Your Responsibilities

  • You take personal responsibility for your own health. Get assistance from the providers to lead a normal life
  • Communication and participation- you take active part in discussion and decisions about your health care and treatment
  • Respect--- That you treat staff and others with dignity and respect
  • Safety-you should follow any advice you are given on medication and treatment
  • Feedback and complaints- give feedback, make comments or raise concerns or complaints about the health care received

Existing problems in health care relate to both medical and non-medical factors that’s why at VANTAGE HEALTH CARE , we have set up and implemented a comprehensive system that improves both aspects throughout all our departments.

International Accreditation

Vantage Health Care is endorsed and certified by SYCOM Africa, which is a leading and cutting edge IT healthcare solutions provider that has deep expertise in the healthcare field, especially integrating the latest technology solutions with proprietary medical systems in the world. If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.