We are committed to deliver state-of-the-art health care because at Vantage Medical Centre, the needs of our patients come first.


Vantage Medical Centre will be an internationally recognized hospital brand by the year 2022.


We believe that good management is a pre-requisite for the success of our organization. The management and staff of the company observe the following values and guiding principles in discharging their duties:

  1. Social Responsibility
  2. Patient Safety
  3. Passion for Excellence
  4. Innovation
  5. Customer Focus
  6. Expertise

At Vantage Health Care, we believe in value of service hence our business operates around our core values.


Social Responsibility

The Medical Centre ultimately dedicates itself to living up to its responsibility to social service, community health, and environmental safety.

Patient Safety

We feel responsible in building a culture of safety. We firmly believe that instilling a "just" culture promotes patient safety to make healthcare safer for everyoneā€¯

Passion for Excellence

We believe in having a passion for excellence in every aspect of the work we do; in the overall delivery of service to our customers, in ensuring that we meet the highest international standards, and in developing the Medical Center as a world-class institution.


We are committed to continuous discovery of new ways by which we can deliver excellent healthcare. We shall openly share our ideas and challenge the status quo knowing that in so doing we will become the best healthcare provider


We are committed to the vision of Vantage Health Care, and through teamwork we shall be one in the pursuit of this vision. We shall care for each other and treat one another with respect. We shall be open-minded and listen to each other and ensure that we perform our work excellently, realizing that others depend on us to do so.

Customer Focus

We are selflessly dedicated to delighting our customers, to whom we will provide compassionate and dependable service at the heart of all our endeavors.


We shall constantly upgrade our individual and organizational competencies in the areas of service, technology, research, and professional expertise. This will be the key driver to sustain our leadership in the industry.